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A long-term work

Friends of the îlot regularly maintain the site in a view to show you the First World War remnants. Its members offer you to discover the history of the site by organising guided tours and exceptionally opening the site throughout the year.

Troupe de reconstitution

the remembrance

By organising commemorative ceremonies and cultural events on the site, in partnership with other organisations, Friends of the îlot share stories and memories of the soldiers, whatever their nationality, who fought on this peculiar battlefield.

Your support is essential to continue our actions

You can help us maintain the site, welcome the public and ensure their safety throughout their visit. You can also join Friends of the îlot and benefit from invitations to events on the site, regular information on the life of the site and Friends of the îlot, free access to conferences and visits.

Troupe de reconstitution

Cérémonie de commémoration

Troupe de reconstitution

Couronne de coquelicot en l'honneur des soldats bretons

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